Maneli Sarmadi has worked as a professional industrial designer since 2009, but her lifelong fascination with the world of jewelry in addition to successful watch design experiences led her to pursue her passion and moved to the United States to study and experience contemporary jewelry in world class setting. She has BFA and MFA in industrial design from the University of Tehran, and is currently seeking an MA degree in Jewelry from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Through jewelry, she brings the dreams of her subconscious mind, affected by her life, memories and surrounding environment into existence in a physical form and fulfill her deep desire to create. By creating unconventional forms and juxtapositions of materials and textures, as well as unexpected details, her work stimulates senses, evokes emotions or brings up conversations.

Blending and pushing the boundaries between art and design, her ultimate goal is to offer a new dimension in jewelry world by challenging the conventional aesthetics and values as well as shifting the paradigms.